Metal Portraits
Sculpture To Fit Your Face
What kind of sculpture is this?
We create high-quality, metal sculptures that are the exact same size as your face. These sculptures are the ultimate romantic gift or baby keepsake and they are the perfect way to memorialize a loved one. Our sculptures are made of solid brass, stainless steel or aluminum and should last thousands of years!
How do you make a sculpture that fits my face?
You need to email us a photograph of yourself. Please see our section on taking pictures.
Can you make a sculpture of someone from an old photograph?
Yes. However, the sculpture may not be a perfect fit to their face.
I don't have a digital camera. Can I mail you a photograph?
Yes. Please see our contact information
I'm trying to lose a few pounds. Should I wait before I take my picture?
No. Our profiles are not affected by a persons weight. The length of the sculpture is from the chin to the top of the forehead.
How big is the sculpture?
Each sculpture is different and depends on which sculpture you order. The average size is 6-9 inches tall and 4-5 inches wide. Our silhouettes are 0.25 inches (0.63cm) thick. Please see our photo gallery
How long does it take for me to receive my sculpture?
4 to 6 weeks
What kind of metal do you use?
Our sculptures are made from solid Brass, Aluminum, or Stainless Steel. If you prefer a different metal, we would be happy to work with you.
Can I have my sculpture engraved?
Not at this time but we hope to offer this service soon.
I have a great idea for a sculpture. Can you create something different for me?
We would be happy to create a custom sculpture for you. Please tell us more: contact us